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Gotta Have It

  • Trailback

    Gotta Have It

    Comfortable, waterproof and stylish too. Kick this bad weather to the curb with new Cornish footwear brand Trailback

  • Gotta Have It

    Parched, peaky, partied out skin? Worry not, here are our top 3 face-saving beauty picks to see you through the next few months.

  • Plucking Fabulous

    Gotta Have It

    Holly and ivy are SO last year. We're all about these alternative Christmas wreaths, bringing some proper festive ding dong to your front door.

  • Jon Dibben Jewellery

    Gotta Have It

    We've gone mad for metallics this autumn - but the classic appeal of Jon Dibben jewellery means it'll last a lifetime

  • Country Attire

    Gotta Have It

    If you're looking for some chic Autumn threads (and I mean SERIOUSLY chic), Tredders in Castle Ashby is your go to!

  • Prene Bags

    Gotta Have It

    Go hands free with a crossbody bag this season and the Pixie from Prene Bags just happens to come in super cute colours too.

  • Kate of Kensington, Oxbow and Peach

    Gotta Have It

    Want to look at something really pretty that's also totally practical? Course you do, and these multipurpose platters are works of art.

  • Salt Water Shoes

    Gotta Have It

    A late-season sandal that'll see you through many summers to come? Salt-Waters are a stone-cold classic.

  • BAngle winsor Bishop

    Gotta have it

    There are occassions when you want to invest in jewellery that will stand the test of time and the diamond range from Winsor Bishop hits the mark.

  • Dial house gallery

    Gotta Have It

    Contemporary glassware that's functional as well as stylish. These stunning hand blown pieces from Dial House Gallery would impress anyone as a gift

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