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School Reviews

  • Bedford Grils' School

    Bedford Girls’ School, Bedford

    Muddy says: Bedford Girls' School is refreshing. It's spacious, beautifully designed and full of light, and a place where you can feel grounded and confident.

  • Cambirdge International School, Cherry Hinton Hall

    Cambridge International School

    Muddy says: A school with a huge emphasis on pastoral care, nurturing and a non-hothousy environment? Say hello to this bijou co-ed junior and senior school that reflects the international community of Cambridge.

  • Spratton Hall

    Spratton Hall

    Muddy says: What, Where? Spratton Hall is a co-educational day prep school for children aged 4-13, based in 50 acres of Northamptonshire’s, beautiful countryside. I’ve been to Spratton before to visit the fabulous Sauls of Spratton, but had no idea that if I’d travelled a little further, the school would be nestled in rolling green fields.

  • Wellingborogh School

    Wellingborough School

    Muddy says: for kids who want to feel secure. As one of the parents said, "there’s a sense of continuity at the School - a solid thing in a moving world".

  • Tring School for Performing Arts

    Tring Park School for the Performing Arts

    Muddy says: Lights, Camera, Action - and very likely international fame. This awesome local performing arts school has a to-die-for alumni list and a healthy, sensible work ethic for its young talent.

  • Bioshop's Stortford College

    Bishop’s Stortford College

    Muddy says: A top co-ed day and boarding school in East Herts with a dazzling array of facilities and a focus on the individual.

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